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Ditch Diets Forever

Get INSTANT access to the entire Ditch Diets Forver including:

  • Strategy 1: Love on Those Hormones!
    A little-known way of using old fashioned food habits to kick into gear your fat burning hormones that give you more energy, lessens your need for snacking and fill you up to get on with your day. 
  • Strategy 2:  Eat Less, Enjoy More!
    How to “arrange” your food so you feel fuller and more satisfied from meals so you eat less naturally.
  • Strategy 3: Power Foods For Abundant Energy!
    How to use power foods to “perk up” your body’s cells into boosting you with abundant energy…DAILY, and maybe even give the mental clarity you’ve been missing! 
  • Strategy 4: Hunger Monster Slayer!
    The easiest way to avoid the so-called “I need TO EAT NOW!” screams that your brain is convincing you is a true imminent need… (Hint: I’ll show you how to trigger a (healthy) “I’m full reflex” in your brain so you ONLY eat when you’re truly hungry! 
  • Strategy 5: Tame your bloat
    The 80% trick that helps you know exactly when you are full enough to still function and do fun things without turning into a mushy, bloated blob on the couch.
  • Strategy 6: Hydrate Galore
    A 100% fool-proof way to boost your metabolism and energy levels DAILY while keeping hunger, cravings & fatigue at bay. 
  • BONUS #1: The 3 powerful mindset “twists” you can use to stop giving up on yourself! Valued at $97
  • BONUS #2: The 3 almost frighteningly effective ways you can take to ensure THIS TIME you stay on track even when time is sparse! Valued at $97
  • BONUS #3: The game-changing supplement list! Valued at $47

IMPORTANT: This program is not a complete coaching program. This is a self-study beginners course for individuals who want to START their journey in learning the basic life principles for sustainable fat loss.


Refund Policy

You can request a refund if you implement the program and are not satisfied within 7 days of the start of the program to receive a full refund. You will be asked to show proof of work such as check-ins, progress in the course, or journal prompts. However, please understand that you will also be taken out of the membership portal should you decide it’s not for you. No refunds will be granted after 7 days. This also includes payments in the payment plan option. If you default on your second payment, you will be taken out of the program immediately and your initial payment will not be refunded.

What People Are Saying:

I ditched the WW app and the feeling of freedom to not need to do that anymore was fulfilling and I lost 9.8 lbs!

I’m 55 years old and this is the first time I feel like I’m not “dieting” to lose weight. And I no longer feel deprived!

I love that we got to eat the same meals! I hated cooking separate meals for myself! URG! Thanks Becky!